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[Internal Error Collection Thread]

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In fact I cannot seen to keep the program up at all now, every time I try to collect anything or start a job it gives me the above message.


I too have often experienced this since the tournament reset this week. I'll be away from the game for a while doing some other stuff on a different tab and when I come back it'll have an error popup.


Battle Field Error

I'm terribly upset at a game error that happened early this morning when trying to take East Nagach owned by Hasdrbaal Barkas. My attacking army consisted of 2-Rock Throwers, 1-Horseman, 4-Warriors, and 1-Spearfighter versus the enemy's 4-Soldiers and 3-Ballistas. After diminishing the enemy campaign down to its last Ballista at full health versus my last 2 warriors of which one was at full health and the other with only a spec left(approximately 5-10%), I commenced to give the last battle instructions. The enemy Ballista was positioned to the far upper-right corner at 3 spaces to the right edge of the map and 2 spaces from the top edge of the map hidden behind a group of rocks that were shaped almost like "<." The configuration took up about five attack spaces and reached upper-right-top of the battle field. There was only 3 possible moves left on the battle field. 2 of which would've won me the battle inevitably. The Ballista was left to either take out the weakened Soldier or wound the pursuing soldier both of which would've been able to land the finishing blow after the initial blow by my fully healed Soldier whose turn it was. I opt to move the Soldier into position then click to attack the Ballista and BAM!!! That' when the error message pops up and all I'm left to do is press ok. Then as the game reloads I am given the option to either surrender or finish off the battle of which my men are still engaged and I'm left to repeat those last two steps over and over again to no avail. How do we know it's a calculated error besides the ending result? Because as I try to end the loop by changing my action the game also changed it's action but regardless the same results would inevitable occur. The game would lose. What I did different was instead of attacking the Ballista after I put it in position I simply passed allowing the computer to take action. The computer did what was expected and killed the weaker Soldier. Then, as it became my turn, I attacked the Ballista as if throwing a tantrum the error message popped up again leaving me with the same options. I've described the behavior as it happened. It seems to me that I wasn't supposed to win that battle to begin with. Why is that? Also, I've noticed some questionable behavior when battling the computer that can only be classified as unfair-Misses at the most inopportune times, a sudden raise in attack when backed to the wall, a raise in defense that allows the soldier to be a lot tougher than his stats would allow. Well, either way the game won because in order to continue playing I had no choice but to surrender but I tell you what, now that I think about it, I'm thoroughly discouraged from playing this ridiculously "Bugged" game ever again. I really hope the developers do something about this and many other problems with playing this game. I've never played a game with so many statistical and timing issues even in its beta form. As for me this game is considered broken and it's very difficult to believe all of the talk about it although its potential is limitless but premature indeed. Thank you.


Paragraphs. What a great invention.

As for your error, I am not entirely sure what is causing it, but at times if you take action too quickly the game will give you an error, although it should continue normally if you refresh and continue.

What gets me is that people think this game is perfect or fully functional. The word "Beta" is right there in the title of the game, and yet people expect nothing to go wrong. We've all experienced errors, and we've all had to adjust to functions that don't work as intended. That's the point of a beta. If you don't want any of that, check back in several months or so to see if the game is out of beta. Instead of raging and thinking the system is out to get you, just relax and rebuild your army and have a second go at it.

You don't understand all of the mechanics in the battle, which is why you are confused as to how certain outcomes came to be. Believe me when I say that there is nothing wrong with the statistical aspects of battles.


I do understand that the game is in its BETA stage of development and don't expect it to be perfect at all. It is my right to express my disapproval of any occurrence in the game even at this stage of development. How dare you state that I don't fully understand the mechanics of the battle when I specifically explained the issue in my initial post to allow the reader to understand that there was only 2 possible actions to take leaving one inevitable outcome of which could not be due to the error.

Instead of giving some insight to what may be the cause to the error you offer a failed attempt at issuing an excuse (...the game is in it's BETA stage!). I resent your sarcastic retort. If you have nothing to offer to the discussion than please, FALL BACK!


Once in a while I would encounter the battlefield error. Each time that it happens, I notice that it always trigger when I enter a specific spot. For example: if I move my spear to any area, it would trigger the error message. After 3 attempts with the spear, ending with the error message, I would move my archer on the 4th try. This generally fix the error problem and the rest of the battle would continue without an error.

What you have stated and my understanding of it is that you kept repeating the same cycle over and over. Did you attempt to move in a different direction, instead of heading directly towards the target for a kill?


I thank you for your insightful response. You are correct! I didn't attempt to do try a different move in going for the kill. I believe that was the case for another error that happened on the battlefield a couple of days later in which I did try a different move after the first error message and the game did allow for the battle to continue. I was only prompted to try this alternate action because it was fairly early in the battle but what happens when you are left with only a certain combination of moves to win and the error happens. Any other combination would cause you to lose. Then what? You are only left to relive that battle again. Some battles should only be tried once, if you know what I mean because each battle you lose means hours of rebuilding your armies which is the most frustrating thing of all.

Thank you once again for adding something substantial to this thread.

"Build Strong and Be well!"

-Lord Draco-
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The Sainted Edana

I'm having some issues after this mornings server upgrade. It is timing out while I'm trying to lay down paths. So now my paths have disappeared and my buildings are cut off. :(So is this a bug or am I going too fast? It's never been an issue before this morning.


The announcements stated it would last about 15 mins...you are posting this at 9:04. Did I miss the math somewhere?


same here....and it appears even when I am running like turtle.


I get the error when I am doing research, Won't let me reserch brewing or manuring in new technologies!
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PetieRoman - I have found an odd occurrance in your tech tree, we are looking into that. Thanks for reporting!


Cool, thanks. Let me know when its fixed, I can use that expansion in the manuring tech.


Thank you for your patience, office time in DE, so hopefully I can reach someone so this can be handled quickly.


I'm Experiencing a similar problem to PetieRoman, my tech tree has a checkmark next to the research "Paths," but there is only one forge point into Paths. It will not let me advance to the next part of the tech, I get the Internal Collection error every time I try, I assume it is because Paths isn't researched, but I can't put any more points into it because it is checkmarked.


Internal Server Errors

I get internal server errors during the following.

  • Trying to use finish battle when its not my turn.
  • If all of my housing's produce income at the same time and I collect them.(Usually but not always, after the error it allows me to collect it a second time.)
  • when I am training a spear-fighter and i leave to do a sector battle.
  • Sometimes when 2 quests finish as soon as they start, due to being already done.
  • If I don't wait about 15 sec or so before returning from another village.
  • Random times during the sector battles.
On a side note, another bug.
When using finish battle on my turn it doesn't always finish the battle but rather make one move and speed up the gameplay.

just found this.
Though i think a timer should be added to the background to prevent these problems.
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