Is There a Special Way to Play this Game?


I have only been playing this game a few months and chose not to join a guild because I figured it would make the game less fun for me. Keep in mind I know nothing about belonging to a guild in this game but in others, players would get assigned certain tasks that, at least for me, made the game less fun. An example being: player x would make all the coin, player b build only jewelry manufacturers, that one make in impenetrable army to go after anyone who dares plunder this one and don't attack that one. I do not know if that is what it means to belong to a guild here, no matter really, that is all well and good if it does or doesn't.

My reasons for not joining have more to do with not having enough time to devote to just the game itself much the less the work and often drama associated with guild membership.

So today I accidentally opened my inbox and found a ton of mails that basically say stuff like: "how dare you plunder me I did nothing to you", "I will never trade with you, you dared attack and plunder my ______________", "Your trades are unfair" and on and on, my inbox is full of that kinda stuff.

Maybe I am wrong, if so, please speak up. I do not attack my friends(those who are on my friends list). Beyond that, maybe I am missing something but I thought I was building an Empire? Are we instead supposed to be holding hands and singing Kumbaya? Or so some people just need to remember to take their medicine in the morning and stop assuming others who are just playing the game are not personally out to get them?


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There are almost as many ways to play this game as there are players. There are those for whom the fun is in the attacking and plundering of everyone around them, those that like the attack and achievement of winning the battle without the plunder and those that prefer to test themselves by seeing how well they can plan and build without either attack or plunder. None of these groups is wrong, by the way. (And I can't remember the last time I sang Kumbaya). We all need to prepare to be attacked. We should all be ready to be plundered (the best solution is to pick up your stuff on time) and if you're one of those who plunders, be prepared for people to object. You can respond to them or not, change your play or not. Activity on the forum shows that we argue about it alot, but the game itself makes room for all kinds of players.

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Best Way to Play the Game


Going it alone is more difficult to gain ground when trading. All of your trades cost FP (Forge Points) for you to get your trade completed and many steer clear for that reason alone. Second, you mentioned unfair trades. Being in a guild helps you keep your trades 'fair' by trading goods at the same cost. Fair trades will get picked up quicker by seasoned players even if they cost an FP. Some guilds are very active and so comes the drama, some are so-so, and others are very quiet. Like hjh102 said, there as many ways to play this game as there are players. You can be a lone wolf but your growth will be slower. Best of luck to you and I'll see you out there on the playing field.

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There are three things that will yield a game that's balanced, and therefore less frustrating.
1) Attack provincial sectors at least twice before you negotiate, as that will improve your military skills.
2) Attract visitors, which is easier in a guild. A building yields 200% of it's base during each motivated cycle.
3) Win a lot of GvG battles, which will come fairly easy if you're doing 1) & 2).