is there any way to undo a mistaken antiques dealer buy?


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I opened the antiques dealer to see what was on sale and accidentally spent most of my cash and gems on a 6 hr supply rush. I presume there's no way to undo this?


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No receipt. no return, no refund.
Just save the attack bonus for will come in handy.
When I started, I got a storage box to remove a building and save it in storage. I enthusiastically used it, not knowing that you don't get to keep using it forever OR that two weeks later I would unlock the crane and be able to send my entire city into storage and rearrange the whole burg. HAHAHA.
Funny how since the antique dealer boxes have become as hard to find as honest politicians.


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I've bought a maypole, a halloween deco, and a darn xmas thing by accident so far. Lucky for me they were all relatively cheap.

If I bought a mad science or black tower by accident, I'd cry a lil.