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Its not here...

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Can someone explain to me why I don't have certain "goods" buildings?
For example: I'm in the Industrial Age. I need a Wiremill from the Colonial Age, but it's not on my list of "goods" buildings. Only coffee and one other building from the Colonial Age are available. Is there a way to get the Wiremill?

Stephen Longshanks

The other goods building available to you is probably Paper. That and Coffee are researched on the same tech, which is in the flow of advancing on the tech tree. Wire, Porcelain and Tar are researched on two techs at the beginning of the Colonial Age tech tree, but both those techs lead to no other techs. (What we refer to as "dead end" techs.). So you probably skipped them. If you haven't researched the tech for a building, it won't appear as available in your Build menu.

Edit: I see now that you also posted this in Questions and got basically the same answer, so I will close this thread.
Not open for further replies.