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Join FotS Today! - 10 Week Update (3/30/2021)


New Member
In just 10 weeks FotS has leveled up the guild to 21 and moved into the Platinum League! We're slowly working our way into Guild vs. Guild with moderate success. We're looking for some more browser players! Like FotS, this game continues to impress! If you're a newish player (HMA, LMA), strike while the iron's hot! Join FotS today! Tell 'em Jo sent ya!

We're a group of adult gamers, founded in Battle Nations, who've been playing various games together for 10+ years. We started playing FoE in January of 2021 and we're eager to learn the game and get rolling! We're looking for like-minded adults that want to grow in this game for the foreseeable future, hopefully for many years to come. If that sounds like you, search for FotS and apply within. Be sure to keep the chat free from politics and anything deemed socially offensive. Although feel free to drop "F" bombs, cut loose, and have fun. Hope to see you in the game!
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