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    Oct 21, 2015
    Looking for ACTIVE Players veteran or new.
    These are the IRONCLAD principles for 2019.
    First. We play drama free for fun!
    Second. We are a team! Multiple ways of expected participation available.
    Third. GE is necessary for Guild growth (Levelling up). Required weekly completion of GE to your berth in the Den.
    Fourth. GvG is the best way in FOE to grow the Guild. We will be active in GvG with fighters or farmers.
    Fifth. Support and fair treatment of all wolves by all wolves when conducting IronClaw commerce.
    OK, what does that mean?
    These are the commitments you will make:
    1. Possession of an Observatory or ARC. New members have six weeks to obtain at least an Observatory.
    2. When ready to build an ARC (after acquiring BP’s) let the Guild know and we’ll help. If you have an ARC and are above the Contemporary Era, you need to help wolves acquire the goods to get an Observatory.
    3. Complete GE Level One by RECAL on Sunday.
    4. GvG.
    a. Fighters.
    i. Fight in Planned GvG campaigns.
    ii. Take responsibility for monitoring IronClaw sectors for defense.
    b. Farmers.
    i. Provide Defense Armies (DAs)
    1. After consulting with GvG Leaders, identify which ERA(s) you will provide DAs for.
    2. You will need an Alcatraz to have a ready supply available.
    ii. Provide Goods to the Treasury based on where the GvG Leaders determine there is a need. This is beyond OBS/ARC contributions.
    5. IronClaw Commerce.
    a. MoPo all Wolves a minimum of three times a week.
    b. Follow the new GB threads policies and refrain from jumping Guild members contributions.
    c. 2:1 Trades are Fair Trades for any Era Goods, but only up or down one Era. When requested by another Wolf, place a cost adjusted Fair Trade ( in the Guild only Market.

    Please contact sidearmer, belisarioos, or King Bucknuts.
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    Oct 21, 2015
    We are a happy rambunctious pack of wolves at level 27. We've been here for over two years and have weathered all manner of rampaging warrior guilds. Come Join us. We share everything. We fair trade, have FP Teams, GB help, we fight in GvG, a lively family chat room, and all we require is participation & contribution to the Guild. If you already have an Observatory, an Atomium, or ARC you contribute, if not, we'll help you get one or ask you to contribute to the treasury goods from your current era/age. We have lot's of helpful mentors and a large library. We do ask that you complete at least 8 battles in GE each week.
    Please reply to Belisarioos, sidearmer, sr walther, or the German Sheherd with any questions. Checkout our profile and feel free to contact any of our Wolves for references.