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Looking for active members to join our guild of Knights with or without experience, It is team work that will make us great. A few guide lines to think about, Be able to log in at least 3 times a week(everyday would be best), Be able to do GE even just a few is better than none. Please always respond to mail directed to you or in the case of a guild wide question give your opinon even if it's "I don't care or I don't know". This will help me guide the guild that members will want to be in. Always give 1 or 2 FP to members with GB in the mud then keep an eye on the top five spots. Bonuses for helping out a member with there GB should go to our members and not some one from another guild. Yes GvG When we are big enough, this too will gain us bonuses. Last if you what to be a guild officer contact me, let me know what it is you want to do and if you have experience, but, exp is not required.
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