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Join Our Guild we will help you grow


New Member
We are a great friendly guild that will take you at any age and help you grow .We are looking for active and loyal players that will stay with us for a long time.
This is what you get if you join us:
1-level 25 guild ,reduces the time needed recruit and heal units by 14%, give 2 forge points in your town hall.
reduces coin and supply cost of all buildings by 6 %
2-We have swap forge points of 5,10,20
3-Our top players help with advice and goods of higher and lower ages
4-GE we normally finish on the top 3 every week.
In this game full of guilds it is hard recruit and keep players.We hope you choose us as your long term guild. But even if just come for a short time you will leave much stronger then you came. All you need is to be active.If any advance players like to join and help us get on the map you are welcome We Are Bridgeburners


New Member
Looks like you've received lots of replies. I'm a fairly new player, but quite active (play daily). It appears the guild I'm in is pretty inactive. Would love to get into a group that has active members. Right now my character is at 66K, Late Middle Ages. I'm in growth mode for the most part, but also participate in the Guild Expedition. Never have gotten past Level 1 as no one else seems to play the Expedition. Let me know if you have room, and I will drop my present guild and apply. Thanks.....


New Member
An invite was sent to you come over and grow with at your own pace if need just ask i will personally help you with some goods as you goes.We will love to have you best of luck


New Member
We are Bridgeburners we are now at level 28. Looking for active players at Guild BG. As we about to up to the Gold league