Join the best guild in the world, Friend or FoE

Hi all. If you are in need of an outstanding, helpful, very active guild, please apply to Friend or FoE.
Must be at least Early Middle Ages to join and must participate in the GE and try to go as far as you can go. We always open level 4 and almost always finish the GE in 1st Place. Our guild is level 11, we have many members with Arc’s & Observatories. We also have many GB Swap Threads (5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50), Stix 2 Brix, frequent in-guild contests that I create with FP prizes. A weekly GE Lottery where a lucky winner can win 100+ FP’s every week. We have excellent traders in our guild that accept trades usually within minutes. Very active players and founders/leaders. Zero drama in our guild and we like to have fun and let players play at their own pace. Very helpful with each other. We are 30 members strong right now and if you are Early Middle Ages or higher and contribute to the GE every week, make Friend or FoE your home.