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Join War Machine Today

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War Machine is recruiting dedicated GE and Battlegrounds players.

What we offer:

- Level 34 guild (4 FPs daily)
- Extremely active 1.8 thread
- Extremely active FP swap threads ranging from 5 to 100 FPs
- Effective and dedicated GB construction and leveling
- Fast, fair goods trading
- Undefeated (gold trophy) in GE for 130+ consecutive weeks. We have never lost, nor do we have any silver or bronze trophies. No other Parkog guild can claim this level of success
- Gold League Battlegrounds status
- Honesty, integrity, friendship, accountability
- Zero tolerance policy for drama and cheating your guildmates
- Effective leadership with a non-interference policy. Run your empire how you want

What we need from you:

- HMA or above
- Dedication to dominance in GE and Battlegrounds
- Complete a minimum of 24 GE encounters every week. No exceptions
- The ability and willingness to complete all 64 GE encounters quickly, whenever we need it. Losing is not an option
- Daily activity
- Level 10+ Zeus, COA, and CDM. All three, no exceptions
- At least one of: Observatory, Atomium, or The Arc. Multiples preferred
- Dedication to the growth of your empire
- Honesty, integrity, friendship, and accountability

We are currently an open join guild. If you're looking for the best group of people to murder millions with, it's War Machine.


Thank you, Claire! It's a source of tremendous pride for us.


New Member
Im a member of this amazing guild and have been allmost since the beginning. Its a very active guild with very lucrative swap threads, and we help each other with anything from goods trades, prints advice or to get 64 at GE. The guild has a few reqiurements for joining, but when youre part of this family, youll never wish to be part of any other guild.


RRA on Xyr was gunning for your record!. Our shot ended this week thanks to one player who had bigger excuses than commitment. 110 weeks undefeated! Close, but no cigar. (sorrowful sigh)

Any other guilds out there with big undefeated runs? Who's the record holder on the US server?