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Joke of the Day

Dr. Smite

Active Member
If you ask Rick Astley for a DVD of the movie Up, he won't give it to you, 'cause he's never gonna give you up. But he'd be letting you down, which would mean he is telling a lie, and possibly making you cry and hurting you. You two probably aren't going to stay together forever, so he'll say goodbye, run around, and desert you.


Well-Known Member
"Oh great wiseman, how do we rid ourselves of the pandemic that plagues us?"

"We must read more. Not your facebook news feed, but good books that inform and enlighten. And pay for local journalism. Because if you don't, it will go away. And strive to be informed. Actually informed, instead of only seeking information that only conforms to your worldview."

"And this will end COVID-19?"

"COVID-19? I thought we were talking about stupidity."

"Apparently there's more than one plague...."