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Kaijudo - Looking for a Guild


New Member
Hello, Noarsil.

This is Kaijudo. You might know me from TRCA Awakened, Red & Blue, Blue & Red, or Fantom Underdogs.

Here are the current stats on my Great Buildings:
Cape Canaveral: Level 1
Cathedral of Aachen: Level 2
Lighthouse of Alexandria: Level 4
Statue of Zeus: Level 2
Arc: Level 5 (15 EMA goods for treasury)
Tower of Babel: Level 2
Observatory: Level 3 (4 EMA goods for treasury)

As you can see, I'm quite ambitious. I'm just trying to catch up to everyone else. Hadn't spent a real-life dollar on this game yet.

I am looking for a laid back guild that I can grow my GBs in and start to learn Guild Expeditions/Guild Battleground in a very low stress environment. Most important is to get my Z/CdM/CoA to 10, as it makes fighting and GE much better. Get 4 (2 for each one you produce with bonus) goods of your age and 2 (1 each building) of the age below. Ideally, I'd focus more on Guild Expeditions, as they seem a lot easier than GBG to do.

I'm willing to shine and motivate everybody's buildings, participate in swap threads (I guess I have to, I mean, I can't just expect people to give me FP).