Fixed Khay Huyen Bay Gio


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Missing in Action (Story Quest) asks you to Infiltrate 4 sectors of that province (Khay Huyen Bay Gio). Hovering over the ? gives you the hint: This condition is also met when you acquire all sectors of that province. I have since acquired all sectors and moved on to others. This story quest should be rewarded and it is not. Please advise on next step.

Thank you.

T. Hamp


When a quest asks you to infiltrate, tis best to infiltrate in order for you to receive the reward. Otherwise, when you acquire the province w/o following the directions stated in the quest, you do not receive the reward - no matter what it states in the ? hint.
You can always send in a ticket to support (right click on the game screen then click on contact support) and see if they will fix it so you can get the reward. However, you will probably received an answer of "you did not follow the quest to infiltrate 4 sectors".