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Knights of Fortune is looking for members....


New Member
KoF is actively recruiting members of all ages. To join or for GBG - message HAWLEYMAARON

Do you consider yourself a serious FOE player who enjoys playing with other dedicated (albeit quiet) players? Then this guild might be for you. We expect strong participation in both GE and GBG. We always open level 4 of GE. If this sounds like you, and you want the assistance of a great guild with friendly players, please message HAWLEYMAARON.

Guild Guidelines
We take participation seriously. Few if any can play every day and so when you do get online we expect and encourage you to do the following:

1) If you think you will be absent for longer than 5 days or not able to complete your GE requirement for the week, please notify the guild by posting in the main thread. Leadership will temporarily remove you from the guild. When you are ready to be active again, there will be an invite waiting for you.

2) Absence for more than 5 days without communication, in advance or during, especially with 0 GE participation is cause for an immediate withdrawal of your guild membership. You will need to contact leadership if you wish to rejoin.

3) Complete a minimum of 32 guild encounters per week. If over 2 million score, also 50 in GBG per round.

4) Level 0 great buildings should not be placed on swap threads. Instead, the owner should create a new thread called GB in the STIX. Everyone in the guild MUST donate a minimum of 2 FP to the “GB in the STIX” threads.

5) Absolutely no sniping permitted amongst guild members.

6) All members should be actively working to obtain an Observatory or an ARC. If you do not have one of these great buildings, please help by donating to the treasury as you are able.

Failure to follow these guidelines may result in removal from threads. Each person is given grace in following these guidelines one time with a valid excuse.