Knights Of Grimm

PawPa Joe

New Member
We are a fun loving, Good Times group of players with a focus on building our cities to our hearts desire. Helping each other to grow our cities and the guild. strengthening our GB's for maximum benefits.
We ask that you, as a member.
Play nice with others in the guild, participate in the discussions and the trade threads, to only post fair trades, and polish/motivate your fellow guildies at least 4 times per week.
To have the following GB's in your city Zeus, Temple of Relics, Tower of Babel, Lighthouse of Alexandria, and preferable an Observatory. These GB's help sustain your city and helps the Guild.
Those without an Observatory will have a 60 day grace period to get one built.
(Just like poker. Jacks or better to open) These or better to Join
GE is Mandatory participation!
Iron Age - minimum 8 encounters.
Early Middle Age and up! minimum Level 1
Your rewards come from the Temple of Relics and the boosts from the guild levelling higher. In which it can only do so with your doing!
Contact PawPa Joe with questions