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Knights of Ni Looking for a Shrubbery


Hello My Fellow Langendorians,

Knights of Ni, besides looking for a nice bushy shrubbery is also looking for new experienced FOE players. We are looking for active members who:
1) Already own at least one GB that supports the guild: OBS, Atom, St. Basil, or Deal and Arc
PLEASE NOTE OBS GB is MANDATORY for membership. (So if you have only one GB, make it the Obs.)
2) Are interested in learning/ doing GvG.
3) Understand and complete at least Level 1 GE
4) Fair Trade (2:1 or calculator ratios)
5) A nice bushy shrubbery (not mandatory but is a plus)
6) Any cast member of Monty Python is certainly welcome.

1,2 & 4 are MANDATORY for membership.


....I forgot to mention that KoN has been in the Top 10 to 25 since I joined it 2 years ago. My co-founder and I are not Tyrants but how fun would that be if we were! Besides an occasional shrubbery, we also like Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain.