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La Familia Recruiting


We are looking for players serious about being part of a team and who are active in Guild Expeditions or wish to be. If this sounds like the type of Family you would like to be a part of, please submit a request and a brief message to one of the leaders: Ferreterry, ShaneK13, SourChipmunk. Let them know you hear about us on the Forums!

Welcome to the ORIGINAL Family! We are a Guild dedicated to helping people grow in the game. As such, we expect all our members to Actively participate to help others grow as well. To do this, we all must adhere to the following:

DO motivate/polish (Aid) each other daily.
DO participate in Guild Expeditions (GE) and shoot for 1st place as a team.
DO have an Observatory, Atomius, or Arc, or focus diligently on getting one built with guild support!
DO participate in general Chat threads, ask and answer questions.
DO assist with leveling Arc's / Observatories
DO assist with getting Great Buildings off the ground.
DO post fair trades and pick up trades when you can to help others

At this time we are not an active guild in GvG but our sister guild Kaos is and we are working to become so again as we build our treasury.

Forge on!