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Already Suggested Last Time Active Information to Aid in Purging Inactive Players From Friends List

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Duncan Scotus

New Member
When hovering over a player's icon on the Friends list or in News displays pop up. Add to one of them access to information on when the player was last active. For example, last time they collected from their tavern or collected production in their city or visited another tavern.

Currently it may be hard to identify players who have become inactive. Game play often necessitates visiting 45 taverns. Inactive players do not have open tavern seats, impeding play. There are lower ranked players on the friends list who are active, deserving retention and encouragement, and others who may not have played in weeks or months. Waiting for the system to purge them through the cool down process may take a year, and I do not call for accelerating that at the system level. A player may need a break of several months for Real Time, warranting removal to enable play, and then after they return may be readied to a friends list. Giving players a tool to identify those who are not active though will allow better management of the friends list without purging all the lower ranked players.

When hovering over a player's icon on the Friends list a display appears with the player's name, city, guild, age, and favorite achievements. When their name is clicked on a menu appears with Great Buildings, Write Message, Invite to Guild, Remove as Friend, and Ignore. Add a choice "Last Active" to this menu. The information displayed could be when the player last collected from their tavern or their city productions or when they last visited another tavern.

Visual Aide:
FoE Friends List Idea.jpg

This will ease the completion of Daily Challenges and Event Quests and may increase game play.

Abuse Prevention:
There are no problems that I foresee. Indeed this may ease the identification of players who resort to bots without being truly active.

Active players need a tool to identify inactive players who do not collect from their taverns without having to keep pen and ink records on when each tavern was available to visit.
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