Leaving a Guild


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Hello, I joined a guild when i started playing this past summer. My guild is absolutely worthless and does nothing for the game. Is there a way to leave, and join another guild?? One that helps its members to prosper in this game. I've been playing solo for months now. I M/P usually on a daily basis and contribute FP on GB that i need BP for. I am currently in the 'Late MIddle Ages', I have the Lighthouse and am close to building St. Marks. Thanks for any replies--icbizkits


At the bottom left of your game screen, click on global (three little heads), then click on your guild (shield logo). From there, click on members, and you'll see a list of your guildmates. Along the right side of this box, you'll see a box with a little person and an X by that icon. Most of these will be grayed out (unless your have founder rights) but when you get to your name, you will be able to select the box, which is the "leave guild" option.

As far as joining another guild, you'll need to get an invitation to the guild you wish to join. It usually doesn't hurt to browse the guilds and message the leaders, to see if they are accepting new members.