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Legacy of Shadow


Legacy of Shadow

Active and friendly guild. New and experienced players welcome but must have a sense of humor. Drama and rudeness are not tolerated. Must meet the following guidelines:

•below EMA willing to work within the guild to obtain an OBS/Arc.
•EMA or above have either a level 5 OBS or an Arc already in their city.

•GB swap and goods trade threads
•Experienced players willing to help
•3FPs From Townhall
•Fun environment
•GE lottery and Contest for extra FPs
•Cheap Prints thread

•Be active, courteous, and willing to accept feedback from leadership.
•Respond to PMS from leadership.
•Do not add to FPs guildmates Great buildings outside of swaps or 1.9 without owners permission and NO SNIPING GUILDMATES
•Be active in the guild by using the threads (correctly), doing a minimum of 8 encounters in GE, and playing in GBG.
•For those without an OBS or Arc, make a weekly Treasury donation

For any questions messages leadership:
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We are active looking for members. We will help new members find their way in the game, starters develop their cities and get the Great Buildings they need, plus more developed members get higher aged Great Buildings and learn more advanced skills.

So come join us today.
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