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Already Suggested Less pointless windows that just require us to click ok, and remove them by clicking anywhere on screen

Would you like to be able to remove OK message w/ a click anywhere unlike it is currently the case?

  • Yes (faster navigation please)

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  • No (I like search and hit ok buttons)

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Idea: Allow us to remove single choice messages by clicking everywhere on the screen. Have less of those in general.

Have you Checked the Ideas section for the same idea posted by someone else? Is this idea similar to one that has been previously suggested? Yes. Found nothing similar with search words like message window, ok button,..

Reason: The FoE user interface is horribly inconsistent and cluttered. Some single choice windows can be clicked away anywhere on screen, for others you have to hit the OK button. That's bad design and the click waste makes the game cumbersome.

Details: Here are some examples of the current mess. GBG Battle Results only OK; Spoils of War everywhere; Guild Expedition Upcoming everywhere; Negotiation success no button & everywhere;... and so on.

Solution: Single choice confirmations should be reduced as much as possible. We have far too many of those. For example, the negotiation confirmation is pure clutter. For the ones that FoE deems necessary but that don't require a decision by the player, allow us to remove those from everywhere on screen. Best to remove the unnecessary OK button and just go with the X like in the negotiation confirmation. This would make the GUI consistent and streamline the game play.

Balance: Currently very much out of kilter with many unnecessary windows. Click everywhere would not keep making us jump through pointless hoops.

Abuse Prevention: Not required.

Summary: Reduce message windows that are not key. For message windows that don't require a player choice, allow us to remove those with a click anywhere on screen and not the current random inconsistency with some windows requiring hitting the ok buttons and others not.
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