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Do Not Suggest Let us upgrade an event building to max level but let us change to a lower level appearance.

Would you like to be able to change the appearance of your event buildings to a lower level?

  • Yes

    Votes: 2 100.0%
  • No

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Let us upgrade an event building to max level but let us change to a lower level appearance.

I placed my new Abbey behind my Vineyard. When I was upgrading it, I thought the lower level images would have looked much nicer with the Vineyard (more like a backyard with an extra building). But, in order to get the max stats from the Abbey, I had to upgrade it all the way.

Click on a max level building with multiple levels and choose which image you would like to use. This can only be done on maxed out buildings.

Visual Aids:
Don't have any.

The only thing I could possibly see as an issue would be plundering. Plunderers would see a lower level building and possibly skip over it (although the hover would still show the current level).

Abuse Prevention:
As above, players may set all of their event buildings to level 1 to try to prevent plundering.

This would give some additional asthetic choices for people who like to design their cities.
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* New buildings or items. Buildings and items are decided upon according to a feature, event, era and need to ensure they are balanced within the game

The building is meant to look this way. Giving it a different look than it has will disturb the balance. Example of that is plundering like you already mention.