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Level 23 Guild looking to rebuild


I am the Founder of the Expedition Traders guild. The Guild was formed when this World started. Over time we have lost members to real life. I don't want to throw away a level 23 Guild, so I am looking for new members. As the name represents the Guild focuses on Guild Expedition and fair trades. Completing all 64 encounters is one of the best ways to grow in FOE, specifically with diamonds and military. We strive to get every member an ARC, and to be successful in the GE. We do not play GvG and only do a little in GBG. If your City is loaded with residences, decorations, and cultural buildings, come and see how to be successful without those buildings. If you are looking for a dramaless Guild where you can get the most out of your playing time give us a try. Send a game message to Colonel A for an invite.

Captain Christian

Well-Known Member
Unfortunately I do not want to leave my guild, but you could always join C.P.O. if you like! We are a moderately high guild, page seventeen. Fairly high, but not too high where you feel like you need to be an expert.
We are at level 23.
Edit: Techinacly our name is Casual Players Only.


This game is always evolving.

I came back to this world in Sept of 2019. I started a new guild because I was kicked out from MaRauders because I pointed out to the leadership how stupid they were in their approach to GBG. Despite the fact that I had spent 100’s of diamonds in negotiations in GBG the three leaders of MaRaders kicked Me out 2 days before the campaign ended just to spite Me and deny Me a share in the rewards. I joined Amala and 5 weeks later their leadership kicked Me out one hour after the 2nd round of GE got started because they thought I was disrespecting their leadership with My criticism.

My guild is now at level 23. I just suffered My first loss in the 11 round of GBG coming in 6th in the campaign where the game algorithms pitted My guild with 2 active Members against 7 other guilds whose membership was from 18 to 80. I knew I did not have much of a chance in this GBG campaign but I came in 6th and I wiped out from the GvG map the guild that first attacked Me in GBG.

Enough about Me, let’s talk about the game. GBG is a game changer. Looking at how the guilds play and compete with each other tells Me that 99.9% of the players in this world just don’t understand how to approach this game. When I started playing this game I had 3 mentors in D world. They taught Me that the game gives a lot of freebies and it’s up to Me to figure out how to best utilize those freebies. Unfortunately too many people in this game give out bad advice that is rarely challenged. Your success in this game is similar to chess. You advance based on your skill, the time you put in and/or the money you invest to compensate for your lack of the first two.

Right now My guild is only looking for players in Iron Age or Bronze Age. We just don’t have the goods in other ages. The thing to remember is that it’s important to be efficient in your use of real estate. In the buildings you put up, in obtaining Forge Points. And in how you spend your time. I invite anyone and everyone to examine My City. Any and all criticism is welcome. If you want to learn how to create a powerful city. Come and join Me.

Enjoy the Game.