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Level 35 Guild looking for new active members


Hello, Our guild "Knights That Say Nee" is looking for new members, We are a level 35 guild, this means that your Town Hall will produce 4 FP per day. We unlock all 4 levels of the Guild Expedition each week, We ask that members complete 8 encounters each week. However, we won't kick an active player out of the guild for not doing any encounters. We are a community based guild where aiding, polishing and motivating are major priorities to be a member. We assist each other in all ways. If you are familiar with great buildings, you will learn that we also have a system for raising Great Buildings. If you don't know, we will help you learn! Our main concern is the health and growth of each member of the guild, with respect towards each other. No profanity or disrespect is allowed. If this is what you are looking for, then this is the guild for you. Trade is also a major part of the guild, with members being proactive about helping each other. We follow the Fair Trade Agreement. Active members are a must. We are application only, for that reason. Please feel free to message either Lady Mockingbird, Romulus XII, Domitian 182 the Blessed or SooperStanky for any other details.
Archimedes 686 the lion is the user name I was assigned when I started playing, I have since changed it to Lady Mockingbird. However, I could not change it here.
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