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LFP for My Guild: Perpetual Force

Geezer Punk

New Member
Hello everyone. I am reaching out to players who want to join a friendly, helpful guild to work with us as we build up to compete at the highest level in GE and GBG. We do not participate in GVG. Perpetual Force was founded in February of this year, and, though we are small in numbers, we have reached level 32 and are already competitive in both GE and GBGs. We have members all across the U. S. and in the U.K., so someone is always around to help or answer questions if you need guidance in building your city.

What we are looking for…
• Players who are active on Xyr
• Players who want to participate in GE and GBG (complete level 1 of GE and participate in GBGs as you are able. We can help you learn how best to participate to your benefit.)
• Players who have the trinity of fight GBs and are seeking to level them (CoA, CdM, and Zeus)
• Players who either have an arc or are actively working toward getting one. We have a separate thread for arc leveling that will help you grow your arc quickly.
• Players who have an observatory or are actively working toward getting one.
• Players who will engage with our community
• Players who are respectful of others
• Players who want to have fun playing the game

What we offer…
• A 1.9 thread (and help learning how to use it)
• A GE lottery each week
• A friendly community of players
• A Sticks to Bricks thread for newly erected GBs
• All GE levels open each week (though we only ask that you complete level 1)
• Helpful advice (when asked!) on how to make good use of space and resources to grow your city
• An active group working GBGs with coordination to ensure you get the most out of your efforts
• A guild that is growing and becoming more and more competitive in GBG

If you are interested…
Please reach out to Clotilde Lioness, Supanova, or Geezer L. Draisaitl for more information. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.
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