Lions and Lambs recruiting (lvl 44 - open to all)


New Member
Lions and Lambs is recruiting!

Current guild stats
- Level 44 (5fps daily)
- 50+ active members (inactive removed weekly)
- FP Swaps, trade, stixs to bricks, 180% thread
- Level 4 GE unlocked weekly, lotto style fp bonuses paid by leadership
- Extremely cheap good sales within guild

Only requirements currently
At least 16 encounters weekly, 2 aids weekly and if you will be inactive for a period of time let the leadership know.

The guild is laid back with a wide range of experienced and newer players, everyone is willing to assist each other by all means possible.

All are welcome as long as you are active and take part in some of the GE. An age requirement may be enforced at a later time.

If you have questions or would like to join please apply or message RollerDeuce or myself (aswartout5). Thanks and hope you give Lions and Lambs a shot.