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New Issue Logging in on Browser


New Member
Checking in to see if anyone is having an issue logging into the game on a PC or Mac....I can not load the game from any browser on my IMAC. Am able to get in on mobile.

Rebooted/Cache cleared/yada yada yada



Multiple guild members, including myself, are dead in the water.
Talking with leader from friendly guild, and several of there members also dead.

Problem exists on Beta. Live at least L. Trying my diamond worlds, and they are also spinning.

EDIT: Just got reports of people that were logged in, and got kicked on.
Chrome fails. Trying Firefox and failing.


Well-Known Member
We know they have to prep for new stuff and bug fixes. And we appreciate their efforts. But they need to stagger when they do the stuff as per server time zone. So it happens at quieter times.