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LOL at the new scoring system

Discussion in 'Closed / Archived' started by Victorus, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. Victorus

    Victorus Guest

    I went from #1 with 165-175kish to #3 and 1,540 score... 2 ppl that had 40-50k behind me yesterday are now 500-1k points ahead of me today... I have won all tournies and I am leading in current tournies...

    Something sure seems messed up to me ... I had a 30% score adv over the guy that was in 2nd yesterday and he now has a 66% advantage in score over me today...
  2. Spyder

    Spyder Guest

    Same thing happened to me. I am now 500 points behind a guy that I'd been pwning. Also, according to the score equation (I did the math), I should have approximately 1,000 points.

    I have 35,000 battle points. 35,000 / 50 = 700. Also, add in another bunch for collecting.

    But, right now, I only have 600 points? WHY?!
  3. Victorus

    Victorus Guest

    I think it skipped my battle points from the 1st couple weeks when I had a huge score and came in 1st place in the bronze tower and had right around 200 fights and cleared the map all the way to east Nag's last lil section I couldn't beat....

    Is there any way to have this looked at.. how can I see my total battle points and build points and coin collections
  4. Spyder

    Spyder Guest

    Something is wrong, yeah...

    New calculation:

    Coins / 3 = points

    I had 634 points.
    Collected exactly 180 gold coins.
    180 / 3 = 60
    Reloaded page.
    I only have 635 points.

    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 7, 2012
  5. Say What?

    Say What? Guest

    Moving this to a more appropriate section. :)

    Btw this is the correct point award system which was implemented today with the update.

    Supplies + Coins pickup / 300
    Battle points / 50
    Each building gives building points
  6. Spyder

    Spyder Guest

    Oh. Well, still, it must be messed up. I have 35,000 battle points. 35,000 / 70 = 700. I only have 635 points?
  7. i cant say im a big fan of the new sysyem i was so proud of having a big number like 25,000
    but now im a lousy 750 it makes me feel so insignificant.:(
  8. Spyder

    Spyder Guest

    Is there a way of knowing the building's point value?
  9. Say What?

    Say What? Guest

    Fill in a support ticket if it's not working properly for you. I haven't noticed anything strange on my side, everything seems to be working fine, at least so far. I might be wrong though hehe. ;)

    Not until you build it. I reckon someone will try and gather all info now the update has been released and we will know a bit more on the subject soon. Perhaps devs will add building points when you hover them in build menu.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 7, 2012
  10. Spyder

    Spyder Guest

    I don't know. By battle points, does it mean battle points, or battles won?
  11. Say What?

    Say What? Guest

    Battle points for sure, battles won wouldn't make any sense.
  12. Victorus

    Victorus Guest

    I can see current battle totals in the towers... is this where you guys are getting your #s from? If so I cant do that as once my neighborhoods bronze pvp tower tourney ended it reset to zero and I cant see what my points where in that contest
  13. Daniel

    Daniel Guest

    Neither does ignoring all previous battle points and only considering the ones that a person currently has, but they still implemented it. Who even came up with this idea? Why would anyone ever decide to disregard battle points prior to PvP tower resets?

    Rankings mean absolutely nothing now. In a couple days, once the Iron Age tower resets, I'll drop a good 1-2k points and probably wind up being rank 15th or something, even if my tech and army are far superior compared to the people higher in rank. Before, there was at least some indication of how far everyone was, because the more supplies and coins you collected, the further ahead you were, and consequently, the more points you had. Now with this jewel of a system, you can't tell who is ahead of who. Failures abound.
  14. Rider

    Rider Guest

    Well you do not lose your points.
    Today on en. world Bronze age tournament ended and I was at second place with over 100k battle points,and when it ended my points didn't drop.
    I think that only battles that you have won are calculated in your overall points,before this update you was able to fight against AI and loose the battle and still get points for just killing few units,maybe this is the case here
  15. Victorus

    Victorus Guest

    well when I look at my pvp towers they only show me the points you have in the current tourney... I have not fought in the bronze tower in the 5 days since I won it with 160kish points iirc ... now when you look at the tower I am in last place with zero 0 points... and I didnt lose more than 5 fights most of those were for accidentally forgetting to put the units in my army after building them and starting a fight with 1 unit or 2
  16. Daniel

    Daniel Guest

    So then that means that the battle points calculation is based on the battle points earned after the update was implemented. Which still discredits the 100k+ battle points I earned before today. What a waste of time this has been.
  17. Victorus

    Victorus Guest

    LOL ok here is a little bit of what makes me think I am correct about the updated scoring system missed my battle points from the bronze age battles and points...

    When I go to my ranking window and picked the medals it shows I have zero medals... I won 10 in the bronze age tourney... so it is either not counting medals for a total but rather just showing how many medals a person has on had atm..... and I doubt that is the case as that would ne the top 6-7 ppl didnt spend 10 medals on an exspansion and who would skip getting an exspansion for their reward for winning the tourney

    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 7, 2012
  18. Spyder

    Spyder Guest

    It'll all be fixed soon, I hope.

    I just gained a crapload of points by building a few buildings. Like Daniel said, you mainly get points from getting good buildings. And from my experience so far military buildings give the most points.
  19. HaekelHansi

    HaekelHansi Guest

    Some numbers I have gathered so far - when I have enough, I'll update my stats in the guides section.

    Slinger Range (27)
    Archery Range (70)
    Mounted Archer Range (140)
    Crossbow Range (223)
    Great Sword Warrior Barracks (403)
    Longbow Archer Range (338 )

    Hut (8 )
    Roof Tile House (32)
    Clapboard House (70)
    Apartment House (166)

    Hunter (10)

    Stone Circle (30)
    School (42)
    Tavern (56)
    Premium: Theater (100)
    Premium: Amphitheater (200)
    Premium: Pillory (140)
    Cartographer (221)

    Gravel Road (8 )
    Rough Paved Road (16)

    These numbers are not carved in stone and are subject to change anytime.

    And it seems that battlepoints that have been gained in expired tournaments have not been taken into consideration in the global ranking system. I'll try and find out more and keep you informed. But whatever happened, please always keep in mind that the game, even after the update, is in beta phase, so issues are always bound to happen and have to be lived with.
  20. Dark Lotus

    Dark Lotus Guest

    There is something seriously wrong. For example it shows me ranked in the "Medals" section as ranked #149 with 0 medals (which is not true I was on top in all PVP Towers and won). Yet it shows 247 battles won. How do you win 247 battles but rank so low with 0 medals? As a result, I think these numbers were not factored into the new point system. I was #2 in the neighborhood (only 6k points behind the #1 guy and over 25k above the #3 guy). With the new system, they are both ranked in the 20's, yet I am in the 40's? The fact that I was so close in points plus had almost 70k battles point (double and triple theirs) if anything should I have not moved up and not so far down?