Looking for a free trade guild.


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I am michafnl of Black Canyon City. (Brisgard) I am looking for a "free trade Guild". Fewer rules the better. Looking for an association , not a mommy. I aid daily, and would like to take part of a GB group 5 fp/day. I love to trade, and post trades that sell daily. I have not done much GvG, as I have no idea how that works.

If your Guild might suit what I am looking for, follow up this message and i will respond


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I'm going to move this to the Brisgard world forum, that's the right place for this kind of thing.

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The neighborhood is dead... no on will see it. Where can I go to chat about this?
Why dont you open the Global List of Guilds, which will show you all the guilds in Brisgard and then you can read all their profiles?

Not many people will see your message in here.

You open the Global list by clicking the 3 heads icon (next to the Tech tree icon), then select the Left Hand tab entitled Global Ranking.

Once youve opened that, youll see 4 tabs......Guilds, Players, Medals and GBs

Click on Guilds.
You will then see all the guilds of Brisgard in order of ranking.

Click on a guild you want to check out and a little box will pop up with 'Guild Profile' at the top.

Click on that to open each guilds details.

In the left hand side, you will see their Guild Description.....what they stand for, what kind of guild they are etc etc
On the right hand side, youll see a list of their members......so you can message someone to ask them about their guild if you want to.


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Brisgard world is not your neighborhood. There are 45,000 players listed on Brisgard - if you figure that only a third of them is active, that's still 15,000 players. Might want to adjust your thinking.


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Thanks everyone....I will follow your advice, and thanks for that. Whale oil fair trades have been up for almost a week and a half. Its rather frustrating.