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Looking for a guild to join

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If you need for a member who plays the game every day please send me an invitation. I'm in Noarsil. Thank you
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Hello Specia,

Don't forget to drop by Global Chat in the World of Noarsil and give a shout-out there, lots of guilds do their recruitment from Global Chat.

Good Luck!


We have a small guild in Noarsil and could use some active new members.


Look up the Guild "Winners" ( Lame name )... we are not doing battle tourney but just building and fair trading, always looking for a active player.



We are recruiting active players. We would like to participate in GvG, We are an active, helpful Guild. We all Polish and Motivate regularly. We all help with trade and adhere to the Fair Trade Practice Rules on the open market. We help support GB's with FP donations and help get new GB's out of the sticks and mud asap.
If you are interested in joining Eagles Claw a young, active, and motivated guild. Message or send application to me (Poncho the Bear) for more information.
Thank You for your time.

Eagles Claw