Looking for a guild with lots of Arc activity


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On my other world we have a 190% arc guild thread and people are rocketing their arcs up to high levels. I'm not able to do GvG, but I'm a 64/48 GE weekly. Any great guilds on Arvahall with lots of Arc activity? Thanks!


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We're a really active guild with multiple 80+ arcs. We Be Crazy. We don't GVG but generally place first in GE. Trade threads, FP Swaps, etc.


There is a new guild in town Scarlet Justice, if you want to play with high level players, want to learn the tricks of the game ask us for an invite, Contact Figaro, culchie, marta33 or Ozymandia for the invite. We ask that you park your egos at the door, and play for the team as well as yourself. We know what it takes to be successful and we are willing to share.


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Black Gate is an excellent guild with multiple high level arcs. We have a 190% and 180% gb trade threads and ppl are on almost all the time.