Looking for a guild


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Hi there, I'm pretty new to the game. I don't know how to do much but I've been logging everyday and trying to figure out how to play. It's pretty interesting and I love MMOs. If you're looking for a new neighbor or a new guild member, send me a message in game :)
ign: AlwaysBlair
Thanks and take care! xo


Have you tried some of the guilds that are listed as "recruiting".."Revenge Corps, L3g3ends of Cirgard, Parabellum, etc.? Try some of these to see if you can find a match. Enjoy.


Thank you gimccla for recommending my Guild, and AlwaysBlair, we have the awsomest Guild on the planet Cirgard.

And for all you critics out there, I'm pretty sure that awsomest is a word...even though there is a squiggly red line underneath it.


we have the awsomest Guild on the planet Cirgard.
You may well have the most awesomest (which is in the urban dictionary) guild. You forgot the "e". I think every guild believes they are the most awesome guild. Good Luck to you and all your new members.


So I did miss the "e", but I bet a lot of other Guild founders wish that they had thought up the one avatar thing and secretly wish that they were in my Guild.


Well, Dom, you shouldn't have slept through spelling class. I'll slap my wrist later for spamming.

Kirk55, yes you were the first to come up with a guild "uniform". Fight on! ;)


I know right?

The strong will fight on for higher glory, while the weak shall be satisfied on the dregs of the scum.


This is BleuDs for L3G3NDS, if you believe that you need a guild, contact me in game as BleuDs. We have joined in with the number 9 guild. Darkness was the guilds name, but renamed it to L3G3NDS OF DARKN3SS. We except all players, with the hope that you play daily or at least every other day.

Contact me, if wish a position in our guild.

L3G3NDS OF DARKN3SS of Cirgard Recruiting.

Are you looking for a guild that suits you best?
One that will respect you, grow with you, and make a L3G3ND out of you?

- A family, A Community, A Circle of Friends-

Think you've got the potential to join the best of the best?

L3G3NDS OF DARKN3SS, is the guild for you.


Hello. Looking to join a guild. Only been playing a couple days. I will be an active player. PeteJones in game name.


It might be better to be a little more proactive. Contact some of the guild leaders that have posted they are actively seeking members. Revenge Corps, L3g3ends of Cirgard, Parabellum, etc.?

Un4giveN Mayhem

End Game of cirgard is now recruiting new and experienced players in Cirgard if you are interested please message me there same name as here. Advantages to joining: lots of help and Exp. players, lots of trades added every minute, daily visits, active players ost of us is on all the time feel free to come check us out we are also letting smaller guilds merge into End Game but no name change thanks:D



The Name says it all
If you r looking 4 a guild or wish to merge
just ask because we R