looking for a guild

Aldo Raine

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would like to join a medium size guild, prefer no gvg, fairly active in ge, active gb clubs and/or threads, and fair trades. am currently post mod with 1.5 mil pts, have 17 great buildings including obs and tor. play daily, m/p daily (may miss once every 2 weeks), really like ge usually clear about 40 fights. please send invite, unfortunately due to issues with flash player freezing up I am currently unable to access global.
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We Are Richwood. We are a medium guild 17-20 players. Daily m/p. Great swap threads5, 10, 20. Have players in IA through Artic. We require participation in GE at least level 1. Alway opened to 4th. Several members in the 1m range several 10m +. GvG not required but available if wanted. Supportive of new GB’s. All must contribute. Fair trades within guild. Very good and supportive. Currently a level 17 guild. Improving each week. Send a PM if still interested. I will send an invite.