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Looking for a guild


New Member
Looking for a guild to join this week.
Seek active guild with large trade group, GE focus, some GBG, and a bit of GVG.
Helpful with new players, "stix to brix" program, focus on aiding members.
Me - New player (2 weeks), 2 GB (Oracle, Zeus), one BP away from Babel, ready to move from BA to IA this week.
Followed Glarg method through BA, but realize that a good guild is necessary to go forward.
Advice on how to proceed and a good guild to join appreciated.
I am the Accidental Founder of Rangers....i think we can meet your needs...we have only one main requirement, Be Polite...we are a Family First guild, and do not require GE, GvG or GBG...but we do play them all voluntarily. drop me a PM, CptDreadRoberts


If you haven't already got to a guild, join DuneScape. It's fun. Plus, it's new! I'll give you a lot of rights alongside it.
Since it's new, the rules are pretty lax for a newbie like you. I could help you get some more GBs as well