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Looking for a serious guild? Pay It Forward!


Hey all,

Our main mission is to help others. Seeking competitive, friendly recruits!

All of our members are active and we have sticks to bricks, open spots, goods, trade threads and a 1.8 thread (we keep it 1.8 to incentive and help grow donor banks, but there are non-guild 1.9 threads for lvl 60+ or you can start a group!)

We arent looking for just casual players. We want competitive players that will help take us further to the top. We give expedition competition no compromises (we have minimums, with 64 min on heavy comp weeks) and growing our Battlegrounds abilities.

Most of our players are mobile, so we dont have any GvGers anymore, but if we can get a few good folks that want to hit that, we would love it!

Also considering guild mergers, but that will be a longer chat :)

Need a change? Guild feeling a bit stale? Help us grow in the long term and come check us out and see if we are the family for you!

Message me Shodan Kid, Seahulkman, or Anacreon 476 the Hawk if you want to chat or get an invite!