looking for a trade oriented guild


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Hi, looking to join a fair trade guild, I am on daily and M/P actively, as well as contribute to GB's. Send me an invite! thanks


Group of friends is a Fair Trade guild, 40 or so members with plenty of trading going on, invite sent.


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Greetings Sir Garazon

What world do you play in? I am the founder of The CHAMPIONS and we are currently in the following worlds: Arvarhall, Brisgard, Cirgard, Dunarsund, Houndsmoor, Jaims, Korch, Langendorn, Mt. Killmore. The CHAMPIONS are a strong trading guild. The only guild that currently has a guild ranking restriction for an invite is Cirgard....minimum required to join is 50,000 guild points. Check out our Philosophy and if you think it is a good fit for you send me a request for an invitation.

Lady CC Rose