Looking for active players.

come join us at The Enlightened,

We offer 5 FP and 10 FP GB swap, and a stick to bricks barn raising for all new GB. We are a small group of active players that believing in helping each other grow by aiding, donate to the guild treasury and each other through a fair market.

Looking for like minded players who enjoy helping build a stronger guild and working with our members to advance themselves as well as the guild.

Everyone is welcome to join no matter what level you are.


New Member
Sign me up, want an active guild, the one I just left had 9 peeps , did not recruit , and no participation

Mazz the Great

New Member
Small Guild in "R" world recruiting active players. We are GE-centric and members must be willing to play 48/48 expeditions each week. If interested message me to discuss.

Thx --- Mazz