Looking for Friends?


Hello Cowboy Jim,

You can Invite a Friend by following these instructions;

Click on the invite button at the bottom of your screen:

A new menu will appear. It has three tabs: Rewards, Invite Player and Add Friends.
You need to select: Add Friends.

First you need to type the player name into the Search Box in the middle of the menu. This will search for the player and bring up any relevant player records.

However, this has not sent out an invite; it has just confirmed that you have searched for a player that exists on this world. You need to click on the player name and the following list of options will appear:

Click on Add as a Friend to send out a friend invite.
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Damien BloodRose

Feel free to add me, I've hit my 80 invite limit, but I can still accept another 50 or so friends, I think.


Add me as well if you're looking to/for daily M/P.

Also, if you're an active player and would like to join a young but growing guild, shoot me a message and ask for an invite.
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Sure I will add you if you add me as friend.:D

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RedJello I will add you also if you add me too.