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Looking for Guild


Hello, I am looking for an active guild to join in Parkog. I am in one currently but it's activity is rather disappointing. I used to play FoE in Fel Dranghyr and at one point even got to LMA, but I advanced too fast and made some critical poor decisions, as well as poor city planning and deleted the game for a little over a year. I've been back for around a week now and started over in Parkog. I'm in late Bronze Age now, and this time I want to really take my time with the game and take it seriously and be good at it. I was always very GE focused before and I intend to be that way again. Honestly, I can't do GvG at the moment anyway because I don't have a PC currently. So currently I'm looking for any active, GE focused guilds to join. Anyone know any?


Integrity is a good guild, no GVG, and a great place for GE. No requirements for it, but plenty of participation.