Looking for GVG Fighters


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Join Defiance and become part of a Guild that works together and helps one another. Our Goal is to be the #1 Guild but we need Team Players to achieve this. We do have some rules but they are not too demanding. You must complete at least level 1 in the GE. We ask everyone to contribute to the Guild treasury (10 of each of the goods from their Era every week). If you have an Observatory level 6 you are exempt. Everyone must donate 1 FP to New GB's being built. Finally we ask you to work together and be courteous to each other. Drama and Sniping are frowned upon and once you join you will see what a great Guild we are. There are many swap threads and programs to help our members. We accept new and experienced players but you must be active. If you are interested in joining us contact Thor159 @ Defiance guild
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