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Looking for new friends!

  • Thread starter Imperator Splatticus
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Please consider adding me for daily motivate/polish.
Thank you:)


iam looking for friends and a source of limestone. for blissville. iam cosmic john.


Anyone feel free to add me as well if you're looking to and for daily mot/pol.


The Easter Event is coming up and my friends list is almost empty. :unsure: Where can I find active friends who M/P at least several times a week? I have no problem friending newbies as long as they plan to stick around. (Don't want to have a friends list full of deserted cities.) I don't mind if you have Stone Age items in your city or not, don't see what's wrong with that. I M/P daily if you have anything for me to M/P (I check several times a day). I am a peaceful trader/producer in the Late Middle Ages (I currently produce dye, stone, jewelry, limestone, honey, gold, brick, glass, silk, and basalt) and I never attack or plunder. And I do read profiles to see what people want M/P'ed most.
I'm afraid I have no GBs at the moment. Even if I ever get one, I do not require or expect anyone to donate FPs to it unless they want to.
Trader-types are nice as friends, though it's not necessary since I do most trades in guild. Aside from the player being active, my main request is no plunderers or extortionists (i. e., "Donate to my GB or I'll attack you!"). Players into GvG or PvP who occasionally attack ONLY for points are okay though, as long as they M/P sometimes too. As well as people who plunder/attack only in response to being plundered or attacked--I understand that, that's fine.
I know, if they're my friends they can't attack me, I just don't want to support the plunderer/extortionist lifestyle. No offense if that's your thing, it's just not mine.
I have like...135 slots open. :unsure: So if you haven't any invites, I have plenty at the moment.
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We are recruiting active players. We would like to participate in GvG, We are an active, helpful Guild. We all Polish and Motivate regularly. We all help with trade and adhere to the Fair Trade Practice Rules on the open market. We help support GB's with FP donations and help get new GB's out of the sticks and mud asap.
If you are interested in joining Eagles Claw a young, active, and motivated guild. Message or send application to me (Poncho the Bear) for more information.
Thank You for your time.

Eagles Claw


The Summer Casino is coming... get your daily MoPo here! :)
Looking for friends in the World of Noarsil.


The Summer Casino is here!!! Lots of Motivation and Polishing going on in this event. Get your daily MoPo here so you can continue to attack your Neighbors to satisfy your FoE needs!

Looking for morefriends in the World of Noarsil.


I sent a friend request. Anyone may add me too as a friend if they wish. You can also find me in Odhrorvar and Parkog.


Please Add to your friends list I will P/M on a daily basic.
also P/M event history list.

I'm in A,B,C.G,L,M,N,P,Q,S