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  1. Hey guys I'm Kimmi I have a a guild in Wal world called Slytherin Prefects and in looking for active serious players. My team so far consist of 8 loyal hardworking and dedicated players. I have two leaders who I might change to GVG leaders soon so either two positions are open to serious players! Also I need two people as Slytherin recruiters to help convince peoole/ guildless players who have potential to join. Also need a thread make to think of cool inavative ways to rank upon create guild contest etc etc. Were almost at lvl7 and ranked in the 400s trying to reach our goal of top 100 in 3 months and even higher from then on. Ge participation is takin very seriously and those who dont play without informing me of time away will be removed. Like I said GVG is our next stop on the path to greatness. If anyone is interested in joining or have negotiations to make for joining in all ears and fair! I take my guild seriously and us def see us as a force to reckoned with and have big goals we wish to achieve. I need experienced players who wish to try something new or are guildless at any lvl trying to find their perfect team. Please mssg either on here or in the game add me: PrincessKimmiV or just simply auto join be joining : Slytherin Prefects ... I do hope to hear from you or just see some new faces pop up. Give us a chance and be apart of an up and coming powerhouse team :p