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Looking for trading guild - no pvp required


My wife & I are non pvp players looking to find friends to trade with and have some fun.
After 54 views & no replies, we are asking if anyone wants to join our 2 person guild: TBL. If you are non pvp or pvp we do not care, so long as you are an honest trader we welcome you.
Please message us in-game or post here & we will message you.
We are both relatively new, she is in EMA and I am in HMA .

We are doing GE & are willing to help with GvG, just not PvP towers.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

WarriorPrepper & Wayfairer
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If you look through the guild descriptions you may be able to find a guild that can be a good fit. Do not feel bad for trying a few until you find the right one that fits. I do know that a lot of guilds do not require PVP however they do require GE.