Looking or a Guild? Check out VII, all welcome.

Lazy Bum

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Are you new to FoE? Have you been playing for a while and come to the realization that THE BEST way to maximize your FoE experience is through joining a guild? I did. VII is looking for active members to fill it's ranks. Whether you are a diplomat, battler or import/export specialist, there is a place for you here. We actively support our members on a daily basis, answering questions, giving pointers, help with M/P, Great Building programs, fair and balanced trading. We want you to grow as a member, thus helping the Guild to grow as a group. We are active in the GvG LMA currently, for those of you looking to get involved in that aspect of the game. We are a low pressure group so message Lazy Bum (the name says it all), if you have any questions or interest.
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