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Looking to increase friends list!


Looking for friends, just started this game but have played many similar types of games in the past. Will P/M everyday, thanks in advance!


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My friend list is full, if you want to be my friend please add my name LacLongQuan in Brisgard only to your friend list. A polishing and motivation is guarantee every 24 hours depending on what you prefer in your city name or profile. Best if you can put PSC code into your city name (from edit profile menu) so I can return the favor instantly from my news event window without going to the friendlist to look for your name.
How to add me can be found here:
For those who is new to the PSC code, it is the priority list of what you want to get in term of Motive and Polish done on your city.
PSC is Polish big building first, motivate supply second, motivate houses for coins last
You can switch around the priority with those 3 letters to have your prefer M/P done to your city.
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Add me! hgriffin - if you are out of invites send me a message and I will add you.


Hello! Looking for friends. I Polish Motivate daily. Thanks!



Add me to your Bri friends and I will gladly accept. I visit daily for Eggs and PSC.


I still got spots open as well

Please put P/C/S in your profile (In the order you want it)

C=Coins (Motivate)
S=Supplies (Motivate)


me too

Happy to accept requests to Brisgard and Arvahall. Have a great day!

Denim Samurai

Isice removed from friends list for repeated polishing of decorations...

Lord Orgo

I'm new to this server,and also looking to add friends...i polish,motivate daily.
Thank you!


I am glad to accept any friends who will help as they can and I P/M every day, just let me know if you need anything specific if you don't already say in your profile. <3