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Looking to increase friends list!


Looking for friends here too! Will polish/motivate daily, unless unforeseen circumstances >end of the world


i am also intersted in increasing my list. i only have 1 person on it, and didnt know you could visit friends not in neighborhood. i ll accept everyone. still have no gbs completed so still working on bronze age first. but i polish/mptivate daily regardless of whether there is bp to gain or not.


Accepting all friend requests. I have GB, currently in HMA, P\M daily M-F and when I can Sat and Sun, and will trade.


i too need friends. the only bad things about these games i see the 0 friends and makes me sad.



Please add me for regular polish/motivation, hopefully it'll help a few of you get BPs along the way as well.


looking for friends!!!!! polish/motivate daily. send request.


I need friends.

I need to build a friends list to increase motivates, etc. I will visit your city daily to return the favor. I also have a GB Zeus statue currently at level 2 that you can contribute to for possible rewards if you like. Same name in game. Hope to see you soon!
I need friends too. I active daily and will polish and motivate regularly. please send me an invite.


I too am seeking new ingame friends to help with M/P and with great buildings. I help others with GB's and M/P daily. Add me to your friends list.

Rise and Revolt

Looking for more friends, I m/p daily. Game name is: Rise and Revolt


I'm looking for a friends list upgrade. Play daily polish/support daily, looking for friends that do the same


Здравствуйте пользователи forum.us.forgeofempires.com.

Здравствуйте пользователи forum.us.forgeofempires.com. http://google.com

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Здравствуйте пользователи forum.us.forgeofempires.com. http://google.com