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Looking to join a Guild or Recruiting for a Guild?


If you are looking for a guild or recruiting for a guild, the "Recruiting" subforum is the appropriate venue. Thank you.


Hi I am looking for a medium sized guild,that offers fair trade, friendly active players, great buildings that I can help level up . I have just started playing a few days ago but try to play a while every day. I only have 48 neighbors right now and there isn't much growth where I am. If interested in my help that I could offer the guild please send an invitation.


WE Are 300 SPARTANS and We are looking for Active players that want to grow their cities and have fun ....we are a Guild of 38 members from all ages Bronze through Modern ...We are a Fair Trade guild, we have Great Building Teams, and featured Great Building of the day ....We have Our TRADERS and We Have Our Warriors .....Come and JOIN US ....we Take Care Of Our Own


The Seventh Sign is recruiting
Active players please contact Delrose in Cirguard World
We would love GVG players from Indusrial Age and above.
We also would love Goods producers and Leaders who enjoy playing in an active supportive Guild, and are willing to communicate and help others

We are a top 5 Guild, friendly and loyal to our members
We have a sister Guild called VII that we are also recruiting from all ages and levels of players wanting to be part of building a great guild.
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Just start playing for few days, still at bronze age. Currently looking for a guild for beginner to add into.
I'm still not quite get into this game, so... hoping to find a friendly guild.
Thx :)


The Rift is looking for early bronze to EMA players we need people to trade and grow with us. MatthiasIV is the founder.


A View To A Kill is recruiting
Looking for active members who wants to join a guild with no drama or pressure to participate in GVG, its your choice. We can train you in battle tactics, research and technology to better your advancement. A View To A Kill has no allies, and will attack any guild/member. A View To A Kill is an open guild to any member, you don't need an invite.
Contact Dandrim for more information.
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RavenGuard is looking for active players of any age but specifically we're looking for lower-age players (EMA-IndA) with Alcatraz' to help fight & maintain sectors in those maps. We're a fair trade guild willing to train you in GvG fighting.


FEEL the Rush - join the "Road Warriors"

We are a Gvg Ghost Guild for the LOD Empire, her Friends & Allies.
There's no obligations, no dues, no trade restrictions, no min activity requirements.
All right's and rank once earned, are kept and retained. Open door membership, Auto join is enabled.
Pick your own "R.W." nickname, or I'll give you one - LOL

All are Welcomed, contact "Auntie Yoda", she's the Law here.
Whether you are a bored Veteran or eager Prospect, we have a place for everybody.
Not a fighter (?), no problem. Only playing part-time (?), no problem.
We bring Chaos & Mayhem wherever we roam, scoring tower points and having some Fun doing it.
Welcome to the Wasteland - "R.W." Animal - Grrr!!!


Warsong is recruiting new players. We are a collective of fun individuals who enjoy each others company, sharing ideas, and helping each other rise above the rest! Warsong is a no pressure no drama guild that helps one another thru fair trade, information, advice, support, and friendship. Over half of our guild has great buildings and we have several great building programs to get GB’s leveled up quickly. Trades are filled quickly and fairly. We also participate in GVG if you are a fighter.

We respect each other as individuals in playing Forge of Empires. Our goal is movement thru and enjoyment of FoE. Decisions are made by the entire guild not 1 or 2 members..

Remnants of great guilds the Warsong Clan, Mystic Alliance, DOA, BLB, & The Trader's Guild have merged to form the best guild on Cirgard and a fantastic community of players. We are a fun established guild with members from the Space Age to the PE. We are a veteran guild in the World of Cirgard. We accept all styles of players and are here to make your gaming experience on FoE enjoyable. We are actively recruiting "friendly active team" members to the Warsong Templars.

Please feel free to take a look at the Warsong Templars and if you feel that we are a good fit for you please accept our invitation. Must have a minimum 50k in points and an ARC and an Alcatraz to be considered. Contact Enclave71 to join a fun active guild. We are now looking for new members. We will train you to grow your city and rise above the rest!


The Warsong Templars
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The Rift is looking for early bronze to EMA players we need people to trade and grow with us. MatthiasIV is the founder.
I joined this Guild in the fall of last year. I was looking for a beginner Guild, for I was new to the game. This was the right Guild for me. No pressure. Be active and participate. With this simple thought process The Rift has made tremendous strides. We have two GB forge point swaps to level your GBs quicker, fair trades, we also just started with GvG in one age and plan to move on to another very soon.

The Rift also has great leadership and many dedicated players. We are looking for fighters, farmers, or whatever you want to do to help us. If interested message MatthiasIV, Queen53, or TJayJay with your interest and you will receive an invitation.


I just started a new guild called Mystic Dragons. I'm only taking applications for invites as I want to make sure that each new member is screened by me, as I've see 90% of the time when you just let anyone in allot just stay quiet. I'm running my guild like a family where everyone helps and enjoys helping, and knows this from the beginning. So far it's working out great, but still looking for more qualified members to join. I've sent out over 100-pre-invites which explains the guild and how the guild will help them get trained. Not many return PM's but I'm hoping more will at least reply back.


I've started a guild called Call to Arms and looking to recruit heavily active players (active at least 3 times a week) who love GvG. As you might guess from the name of the guild, the focus is the military aspect of the game. Since we only have a few members right now, you may get a good guild position. If you love the military aspect of the game and are excited at the prospect of helping a guild grow, this is the guild for you! Send a message either to me or Frick the fetch for an invite.


New Member
The Phoenix Guild is seeking active players who enjoy the game but require balance with real life. We do not pursue GvG but like to see action in GE. We're a fair trade guild who believe we should support one another in daily aspects of the game such as M/P, GB builds and trades. Please message to tds32 or Lauralanthlas.
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Mystic Dragons Guild is actively looking for new family members. We are a very active SUPPORT guild. Our main goal is help each other and have fun. We are open communication guild with threads for many topics. With multiple FP swaps threads, daily mo/po for every member. GB boosting clubs, constant trading of all ages, guaranteed mud/stix help, endless chances to win BPs of all ages and GE players. We help in all aspects. Whether you want to boost your GB collection or earn your first GB, We are here to make that happen! If you have any questions please PM me. If you are interested in our guild and think you may be a good fit, please PM Lordgarth2. Thank you and FORGE ON! ˙·٠•●♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̨̄Ʒ ♥●•٠


Skull & Bones is recruiting GvG fighters in all ages. We are a level 47 guild and currently ranked 13th on C world. GE is also encouraged and level 4 is open weekly. A laid back, friendly and supportive guild who will help GvG fighters build their Arcs. If interested contact Wildelk68 by mail


Mystic Dragons is looking for a strong GE player who enjoys competing against the best players in all of the worlds. We have a top 10 GE guild and are undefeated in the last 18 months. Sometimes the whole guild has to do 64-encounters or 133.3% in GE first to win the gold. We've done this at least 3 times now.

Unlock the secrets of GE here as we pass it forward and show you what it takes to compete with the best of the best. We are currently ranked #26 in Cirgard with hard work in GvG. If you don't care for GvG that's okay too we mainly want GE Elite players. If your not elite yet we can get you there.

Stop racing up the tech tree and pm me today and I'll help you build your city and help you enjoy the game much more with other friendly players here. I look forward to your warm reply. LG
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The DraconumHighCouncil (had to run the letters together for the name to fit) is a group that is in IA and EMA. We have a few good warriors while I, the founder, specialize in production and negotiate. Regular tavern visits and aid each day plus being able to trade without paying the FP fee make it worthwhile to join a guild. If our group fits well with where you are in the game, please do join us by asking for an Invite to be sent your way!

Where the Draconum High Council name comes from: Early in the 21st century, a game called Mage Knight turned the miniatures war game on its head by introducing figures with dials that had the stats on them. Our clan on MKRealms rose to the point it was #1 in posts and participation. We were always honest in our trades. A wide variety of talents was present too. It would be nice to see the DHC come alive in a new game with the original ethos still present. Be a Drac and life is good :cool:


We are The Guild of Knights! And we are looking for new members!

Active members of all eras are welcome.

*** We are very active and successful in GE, always finishing in the top three! You must complete lvl 1 of GE every week. If you can't do this because of RL issues you must let us know, exceptions will be made.

***We are very competitive in GbG! We recently made the Platinum League! Participation in GbG is voluntary, but whether you want to fight or negotiate, we always appreciate your help.

*** We strongly encourage you to have one or more of the following GB's
Observatory, The ARC or the Atomium. We have a very active 1.9 thread and are dedicated to level up each other's GBs as quickly as possible.
***M/P guild members whenever you come on

Please contact HoratioRG or Jesse of Stone for more information.