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Looking to trade FP for goods to build Arc


Hi, I just got my last Arc BP and was looking fir someone that would be willing to sell Goods for FP.


You are better off asking in the Global chat. There are a few people who sell Arc goods.
Have you asked your guild? If you are in a strong enough guild, they typically give you the goods to get it built since it benefits the guild, too. (I was not in such a guild when I built mine, but they exist.)


I bought mine off Amadeuz. Send him a PM and I'm sure he'll be happy to swap the goods for FPs.


Amadeuz rips people off, he takes your fps and does not deliver the goods


Wow, not True- not sure what your issue is but that has never happened, as a matter of fact anyone looking for goods - simply go and look to my city.
scroll down the list of my Chateau or ARC - from level 80-120 on my ARC and now my chateau growing - their is a list of references u can reach out to - I am sure they will all be happy to share positive experiences with you.

I won't get into a debate over 1 persons opinion...especially someone I have never personally done business with - =-]


I've traded for goods with @Amaduez on my Arc and CF, and found him to be prompt, fair, and trustworthy in our trades. I will vouch for him that he's a worthwhile trading partner.


Haters gonna hate Amadeus! When u win at life it means people hate


I am no hater. Amaduez promised me goods when he was "helping" level up my Arc. When it came time to pay up he 'forgot' then denied having made the pledge, then said it would take a day or so to get the goods then no reply when I PM'ed him. and it was only 100 PME goods per each level he took 1st or 2nd. Not that it matters how much it was , a man(or woman if ya happen to be one) is only as good as his(her) word.

PS: hate to have to break this to you Swan,.... BUT .... This is not life --its a fantasy game...maybe all you have in life but you are playing a game. --and how you play is what matters-- not so much who wins


I like the old karkass better before you bought his account why don't you talk about that at all karkas the second..
.. who bought his account !...

to play a game !?..
that he says that "doesn't matter

*but actually you're the one that bought your account and I didn't so sorry u lose I've never spent a dime here on a game


You lose karkas now invent some hate like others do, have a good day for everyone else