Market Trading needs sorting, filtering, and ability to resell

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I support this idea. While the suggestions here are kind of unfocused and would involve a lot of work to create, the basic point the OP makes is valid: the current system is weak and poorly suited to trading for profit.

Trading for profit is a valuable role in the game. Not everybody wants to be a fighter. Trading benefits the game by giving players a new role, a new way to play the game, and helps non-traders by giving them better access to goods resulting in less frustration. FOE should encourage more people to become traders by enhancing the trading interface.

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I haven't read through everything here but I'm a simple guy. I see the words "filter" and "market trades" and I'll upvote.

How hard is it to put an X button so you can filter out your guild trades on the public market? I don't think this would require hours of coding to implement

While trading is part of the game, it isn't THE game.
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I support this proposal, but it might be better if it was broken up into more focused pieces. Sorting/Filtering is one piece that could be proposed independently. Renaming the "Your offer" labels is another piece that could be proposed independently. I would use a multi-trade capability, but it might be confusing to new players and it seems like a separable piece.
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