Mass Rising Looking For West Coast Players

Zappa 1st

New Member
If you are an active and daily player living on the West Coast and enjoy playing with friends in the evening, we are talking to you! While our East Coast guild mates are tucked snugly in bed, our West Coast Guldies are in need of folks to help take trades, do swaps and take spots in the 1.85 and 1.9 leveling threads. We also looking for players active in GE and GBG. At GBG reset we need more fighters to help do battle.
Mass Rising has numerous resources available to help your city grow with minimal requirements.
What MR offers:
- A high level guild that provides 6 FPs daily from the guild treasury
- A friendly and laid back atmosphere
- Fully stocked treasury due to high level Arcs
- All 4 levels of GE opened each week
- GB 185% and 190% threads open to all members
- Help with fast leveling your Arc
What MR requires:
- Be active and provide something back to the guild
- Treat everybody with respect - we do not let drama get out of control
- M/P as often as you can
- GE minimum participation of 16 encounters per week
- GBG no minimum participation
- GvG no minimum participation
If you feel your city, skill set and needs are in sync with the needs of Mass Rising, please message our leader, Zappa 1st